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Yuval Levy-10
Thanks Thomas, it worked - more or less. It left a one
pixel border in the background color of the overlay
and I guess the problem was with the PNG 8 bit alpha

Also I would have a few useability suggestions /
feature requests:

1. Zoom: when setting up for fullscreen, the white
surface representing the movies overlaps the window
size. when scrolling I sometimes do not see the sprite
placement. A zoom factor to fit it all in the window
would be highly appreciated.

2. Coordinates references - currently it is from the
left/top. how about adding a checkbox next to each of
the number to determine whether it should be from the
left or the right, and from the top or the bottom?

3. Width/height: how about reading initial values as
the W/H of the loaded graphic? most people will want
to use that, I suspect, for a different value will
result in weird stretching and it is easier to deal
with the dimension of the overlay in photoshop.

Thank you very much for this great tool and your fast
and friendly support!


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