Slovenia - Panotools Meeting 2015

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Slovenia - Panotools Meeting 2015

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Regarding the:

I am back from outdoorproject (one day before planned) and I am available to organize all it isneeded to host Panotools Meeting 2015 until Friday 10th as I am leaving toFrance for one month and won't be able to organize "in person" untilMonday, August 10th.

Regarding the poll thereare 11 people interested in Panotools Meeting 2015 (including me) – I am askingfor the feed back about:

   - minimal number of the participants for the meeting to be “regular”  

   - if e.g. minimal number is 10 than what accommodation do you prefer – is it hostel good enough or do you prefer a xyz star hotel  

   - can you “handle” e.g. 1 hour ‘easy walk’ – to organize the trip(s) – do you want easy trip or full day experience (sorry no time to rest… just go, go, go…hungry – no time you’ll eat tomorrow ;) (just joking) )  

   - the schedule (that is why we “gather”) – I can participate a talk about cave photography, maybe the experience about the photography restrictions…  

   - some more suggestions…?
 I amposting that to Panotools web site (I hope that this time the text is going tobe accepted), yahoo lists (panotools meeting, Panotools NG, FBs)